Supplemental Tanking Services
Professionally Engineered

Insurability and pilot safety are top priority when ferrying aircraft such long distances.   Wings of Eagles Aircraft Delivery provides professionally engineered FAA supplemental ferry tank installations for most general aviation aircraft to the stringent standards of FAR 23.561.  FAR 23.561 mandates that all tanking installations of items of mass be restrained to 9 G’s of deceleration for the older certified aircraft and 18 G’s of deceleration for the newer certified aircraft,

FAA Certified

Our custom made tanks are constructed of 5052H32 aluminum.  We refuse to cut corners by using non engineered unstable barrel and cradle installations.  All of our aircraft installations have FAA 8110-3 certificates of compliance of Federal Aviation Regulations signed by a FAA approved Designated Engineer for each and every type of aircraft tanked by Wings of Eagles.  ​
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