Pre-Buy Inspection Services

Wings of Eagles pre-buy inspection services will give you the peace of mind that the plane you are purchasing is fit to fly. All work performed by our qualified A&P/IA mechanics. We prepare a detailed report including findings, photos, and recommendations that will enable you to make an informed purchase decision.  Avoid making a costly mistake. Contact us today to hear more about our pre-buy inspection services

Pre-buy inspections include inspection, examination, and review of the following

► Paperwork – check for valid airworthiness certificate, current registration, operating limitations/placards, weight and balance with current equipment lists, pilots operating handbook.  Check engine and airframe logbooks.  Check for complete maintenance history, airworthiness directive and service bulletin compliance and also entries that suggest repairs due to an accident or incident.

► Engine – Perform a cylinder compression check, Visual check of all engine components, check for leaks, check baffles, check induction/exhaust systems for corrosion, leaks, worn gaskets and loose connectors and check battery condition

► Empennage – Check horizontal and vertical stabilizer attach points. Check elevator/stabilator attach hinges. Check rudder trailing edge.

► Wings, ailerons and flaps – Check for wrinkles, warps and chafing rivets. Check the undersides of wings near jack points for dings.  Check wingwalks or strut steps for dents, corrosion and worn-off rivet heads. Check fuel caps, drains and sealants.

► Fuselage – Check doors, hinges and latches, check skin for wrinkles or warping. Check for scrapes and dents and replacement panels on belly. Check antennas for proper location for best reception and transmission.  Check fiberglass coating on antenna.

► Landing Gear – Check the Struts for leaks and proper extension of struts.  Check and test brakes and the condition of discs and rotors. Check tires and sidewalls for cracks dryness.

► Cabin/Cockpit – Check seats, tracks, backs, seatbelts and shoulder harnesses. Check instruments and avionics.