Wings of Eagles founder, Steve Hall, set the bar high for this industry.  His early pioneering efforts defined this business.   Integrity, premier customer service, and safety were Steve’s number one priorities.  We will continue to follow in Steve’s footsteps, maintaining and building upon his legacy.

It all began in 1945 in Wichita, Kansas where Steve was born and raised.  On his 16th birthday, Steve received his student pilot’s license and made his first solo voyage.  He quickly flew up the ranks, receiving his private, commercial and instructor licenses all by the time he was only 18 years old. This veteran flyer has been ferrying planes since 1967, and has logged over 25,000 hours in the air.  Steve married his lovely wife Joy in 1970, and together they have two daughters and two grandchildren. As Steve says, he’s been there, done it, and got the t-shirt.

We're going to miss you Steve.  You left the world a better place than you found it.
​God Bless...

We Shall Proceed Forth With Great Vigor