Aircraft Ferry Services
We offer the full suite of services to assure a successful delivery of your aircraft

Wings of Eagles Aircraft Delivery has been providing reliable worldwide aircraft ferry delivery services for over 42 years. The majority of our ferry pilots have over 15 years of experience in transoceanic ferry crossings, with supreme incident report records.  Using our extensive nework of pilots, we match the right pilot with the right job.  With a record of over 4000 international aircraft deliveries, we provide the experience, skills, and capability to deliver your aircraft anywhere in the world.  Your valuable asset will be in good hands.

The skill of our pilots is complimented by our back office administrative support. Our experienced administrative staff provides valuable expertise in customs import/export requirements, FAA approvals, over-flight and landing clearances, and flight planning.  We provide you with timely progress updates and online flight tracking.  

Our full service offering includes:

       ►  Experienced Pilots
       ►  Supplemental Ferry Tanks**
       ►  Pilot Accommodations
       ►  Pilot Airline and Ground Accomodations 
       ►  US Customs EEI and eAPIS filings
       ►  Route Customs Coordination
       ►  FAA Approvals
       ►  Over-Flight, Clearances, Landing & Handling*
       ►  Real Time Flight Tracking Updates
       ►  Bailment Contracts
       ►  HF Radio
       ►  Pilot Safety & Survival Equipment
       ►  Industry Leading Customer Service
       ►  Ferry Flight Administration Management
       ►  Weather Services
       ►  Computerized Flight Plan

  * Excluding ultimate destination handling and landing charges.
** If Required  

Want to ferry your own plane?

We provide professionally engineered supplemental ferry tanking